Overuse of surgical instruments or joints or media surge. Let the soiled instruments to dry. While it is impossible to clean them immediately after use, soaked them in cold water for as little as a period as possible. The use of abrasive instruments as this damage the exterior finish. This can later cause discoloration, rusting or spicy. "Impact" brand or "vibra-etch"; instruments. This can lead to failure of the instrument at a later date. Handle microsurgical instruments by their sides. These should be cleaned by qualified personnel who will ensure that only the ends sensitive functions are adequately protected during storage or sterilization. Dismantle, clean and clean all instruments after use in cold water as soon as possible, giving particular attention to serrations, joints and redeemed. Failure to do so may result in the instrument becoming contaminated with the possibility of stiff joints. Wrap microsurgical instruments with other instruments heavier. Always remember - instruments heavy on substance and light instruments on top. Use oils for general use of instruments, only water-soluble lubricant should be used. Use the forceps to manipulate endoscopes. This will help avoid them being scratched, dented or dropped. Let instruments soaking longer than necessary in solutions of chemical sterilization. After they are sterilized they should be completely washed in hot water to remove all traces of chemicals to prevent discoloration or pitting corrosion. Store wet instruments. They must be completely dried first.

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